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Keene is a radio genre that is dedicated to playing a mix of alternative and indie rock music. The genre features a diverse range of musical styles, from hard-hitting rock to dreamy shoegaze and atmospheric post-rock, and is popular with listeners who enjoy discovering new and exciting music outside of the mainstream.

Keene radio stations often showcase up-and-coming artists and emerging bands, giving listeners the opportunity to discover new music and appreciate the diversity of the alternative and indie rock scenes. They play music that appeals to a wide range of listeners, from teenagers to young adults and beyond.

One of the most prominent Keene radio stations is WKNH, which is based in Keene, New Hampshire and broadcasts a mix of alternative and indie rock music. The station is known for its commitment to promoting independent music and for its role in providing a platform for emerging artists.

Other Keene radio stations include WRSI, which features a mix of rock, folk, and blues music, and WXRV, which plays a mix of alternative and indie rock and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

In addition to playing music, many Keene radio stations also provide news and information about local events and cultural activities. This helps to strengthen the connection between listeners and their communities, and to foster a sense of pride in the local music scene.

Overall, Keene radio stations offer a unique and exciting listening experience, focused on showcasing the best of alternative and indie rock music from up-and-coming artists and established bands alike. Whether you're a fan of hard-hitting rock or dreamy shoegaze, there's a Keene radio station out there that will suit your tastes and help you to discover new and exciting music outside of the mainstream.