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"La 100" is a radio station that broadcasts in Argentina, and its genre is focused on pop and rock music. The station is part of the Grupo Clarin media conglomerate and is based in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.

Programming on "La 100" features a mix of pop and rock music, including both classic hits and contemporary chart-toppers. The station also features regular programs that focus on specific music genres, such as rock or pop, as well as programs that showcase local artists and music.

In addition to music programming, "La 100" also features regular news updates, traffic reports, and weather updates throughout the day, providing listeners with the latest information on current events and conditions in the Buenos Aires region.

The station also features popular talk programs that cover a variety of topics, such as current events, lifestyle, sports, and entertainment. These programs are hosted by popular personalities and commentators who offer their perspectives and insights on a range of issues.

One of the most popular programs on "La 100" is "Andy en La 100," a morning show hosted by comedian and television personality Andy Kusnetzoff. The program features a mix of comedy, music, and interviews with guests from various walks of life, making it a popular choice for listeners looking for a lighthearted and entertaining start to their day.

Overall, "La 100" offers a lively and engaging listening experience for fans of pop and rock music in Argentina. With a mix of music, news, and talk programming, the station is able to provide listeners with a diverse and entertaining array of content that reflects the interests and culture of Buenos Aires and the wider Argentinean community.