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"Aboriginal music" is a genre of music that is created and performed by Indigenous peoples in Australia. This genre is deeply rooted in the cultural traditions of the Aboriginal peoples, and draws upon a wide range of musical influences, including traditional music, contemporary pop, rock, and hip hop.

Radio stations that play Aboriginal music focus on promoting and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples in Australia. These stations provide a platform for Aboriginal artists and musicians to showcase their talents, and play an important role in preserving and promoting Indigenous culture and music.

Aboriginal music radio stations may offer a variety of programming, including music shows featuring traditional and contemporary Aboriginal music, interviews with Aboriginal musicians, and discussions on Indigenous culture and history. They may also provide news and current affairs programming that focuses on issues affecting Indigenous peoples in Australia, and promote community events and initiatives that support Indigenous communities.

Aboriginal music radio stations may be community-run or commercially-operated, and may be available on a range of platforms, including FM, AM, and online streaming services. They are typically based in regions of Australia with large Indigenous populations, such as Northern Territory, Queensland, and Western Australia.

Overall, Aboriginal music radio stations play an important role in the cultural landscape of Australia, providing a platform for Indigenous voices and promoting cultural understanding and awareness. Through their programming, these stations help to preserve and celebrate the unique cultural heritage of Aboriginal peoples, while also contributing to the broader musical landscape of Australia.