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The album is not a specific genre of radio stations, but rather a term used to describe a collection of songs or tracks released by an artist or a group of artists. However, some radio stations specialize in playing full albums, as opposed to individual songs or playlists, offering listeners the opportunity to hear a more complete body of work from their favorite artists.

One of the most popular album-oriented radio stations is WXPN 88.5 FM, a public radio station based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. WXPN's album-oriented programming focuses on playing full albums from a wide range of artists, genres, and eras, often featuring in-depth commentary and analysis on each album. The station also features a range of music programming, including indie rock, folk, blues, and jazz, as well as covering local news and events.

Another popular album-oriented radio station is KPIG 107.5 FM, a commercial radio station based in Freedom, California. KPIG's programming focuses on playing full albums from a range of classic and contemporary artists, as well as featuring live performances, interviews, and a range of music programming, including country, rock, and blues.

In addition to these stations, there are a number of online radio stations and podcasts that cater to album-oriented programming, offering listeners the opportunity to explore a range of musical styles and artists through complete albums.

Album-oriented radio stations reflect the unique experience of listening to an artist's full body of work, offering listeners a deeper appreciation for the artistry and creativity of each album. They provide an alternative to the more fragmented and playlist-driven approach of many commercial radio stations, giving listeners a more immersive and satisfying listening experience. These stations play an important role in promoting a love of music and fostering a sense of community among music lovers.