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Red Dirt is a genre of music that originated in Oklahoma, United States, and is characterized by its blend of country, rock, blues, and folk music. Red Dirt radio stations specialize in playing music by artists who hail from Oklahoma and surrounding states, often featuring live performances, interviews, and news related to the Red Dirt music scene.

One of the most prominent Red Dirt radio stations is KHBZ 94.7 "The Buzz," based in Oklahoma City. The station features a mix of Red Dirt music along with classic rock, and regularly features live performances from Red Dirt artists in their studios. The Buzz also hosts an annual Red Dirt music festival, which attracts thousands of fans from across the region.

Another popular Red Dirt radio station is KNID-FM 107.1, based in Enid, Oklahoma. The station plays a mix of Red Dirt, classic rock, and country music, and regularly features interviews and live performances from Red Dirt artists. KNID-FM also hosts an annual Red Dirt music festival, which features both established and up-and-coming artists in the genre.

Red Dirt radio stations are known for promoting and supporting local musicians and artists, and for providing a platform for emerging talent in the genre. These stations often serve as a hub for the Red Dirt music community, bringing together fans, artists, and industry professionals to celebrate and promote this unique and vibrant genre of music.

Overall, Red Dirt radio stations play an important role in promoting and preserving the Red Dirt music scene, and provide a valuable resource for fans and artists alike. Through their programming and live events, these stations help to connect listeners with the rich musical heritage and vibrant contemporary culture of Oklahoma and the surrounding region.