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CHR stands for Contemporary Hit Radio, which is a radio format that plays current popular music from a variety of genres, such as pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic dance music. The format is often referred to as "Top 40" or "pop radio" because it typically features the 40 most popular songs on the charts.

Contemporary Hit Radio stations often have a high-energy, fast-paced format that includes frequent on-air promotions, shout-outs, and celebrity interviews. The DJs and hosts on these stations often have dynamic personalities and are skilled at engaging listeners and creating a sense of community among their audience.

In addition to playing current hit songs, CHR stations may also feature special programming, such as countdown shows, live performances, and music news and gossip. They may also use social media platforms and mobile apps to connect with their listeners and provide additional content, such as music videos, artist interviews, and exclusive access to concerts and events.

Some popular CHR radio stations include Z100 in New York City, KIIS FM in Los Angeles, and Kiss 108 in Boston. These stations have large and dedicated followings and are often the go-to destination for listeners who want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in popular music.

Overall, CHR radio stations provide a fun and exciting listening experience for fans of popular music. Whether you're looking for the latest hits from your favorite artists or discovering new music and up-and-coming artists, CHR stations are a great way to stay connected to the ever-changing world of pop music.