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The genre of "Auto y Más" refers to a radio programming format that is focused on automobiles and related topics. This genre is popular with car enthusiasts and people who are interested in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Auto y Más radio stations often feature news and information about the latest automotive industry developments, including new car releases, industry trends, and changes in regulations and safety standards. These stations may also feature interviews with industry experts and car enthusiasts, who share their insights and opinions about various aspects of the automotive world.

In addition to news and information, Auto y Más radio stations may also offer reviews of new cars and other vehicles, as well as tips and advice for car maintenance and repairs. These shows may also include discussions of popular car-related topics, such as car shows, racing events, and automotive history.

One of the key features of Auto y Más radio stations is their emphasis on engaging with listeners. These stations may invite listeners to call in and share their own experiences and opinions about cars and other vehicles, or to ask questions of the hosts and guests. This interactive approach helps to create a sense of community among car enthusiasts, and can be a great way for listeners to learn from and connect with others who share their passion for cars.

Some notable examples of Auto y Más radio stations include Autoblog Radio, which is broadcast on SiriusXM, and Car Talk, which was a popular radio show that aired on NPR for many years. Today, the format continues to be popular among radio listeners around the world, and can be found on AM and FM stations as well as on internet radio platforms.

Overall, the genre of Auto y Más radio stations provides a fun and informative listening experience for anyone who is interested in cars and other vehicles. Whether you are a car enthusiast looking to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news, or a casual listener who enjoys learning more about cars and the people who love them, tuning into an Auto y Más radio station can be a great way to satisfy your curiosity and passion for all things automotive.