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The genre "Wissen" refers to a type of radio broadcasting that is focused on providing listeners with knowledge, education, and information on a wide range of topics. The term comes from the German language and means "knowledge". This type of radio station is often referred to as "knowledge radio" or "educational radio" in other countries.

Wissen radio stations typically feature programming that is designed to inform and educate listeners. This can include interviews with experts, in-depth discussions of current events, documentaries, and other types of programming that explore topics such as science, history, politics, culture, and the arts.

One of the main advantages of Wissen radio stations is their commitment to providing high-quality educational programming. They are focused on informing and educating their listeners, and they often feature experts in their fields who can provide in-depth analysis and insights into complex topics.

Another advantage of Wissen radio stations is their ability to explore topics in greater depth than commercial radio stations. Because they are not driven by the need to attract large audiences or advertisers, they can take the time to explore complex topics in greater detail. This can be especially valuable for listeners who are interested in learning more about a particular subject.

In terms of format, Wissen radio stations can vary widely. Some stations focus on news and current affairs, while others may specialize in science, history, or other topics. Some stations may also feature programming in multiple languages, which can be especially valuable for listeners who are interested in learning about other cultures and societies.

Overall, Wissen radio stations offer a valuable resource for listeners who are interested in expanding their knowledge and learning more about the world around them. They provide a platform for in-depth analysis and discussion of complex topics, and they offer a valuable alternative to the commercial radio model. By promoting education and knowledge, they are helping to create a more informed and engaged citizenry.