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Classic FM is a UK-based radio station that is dedicated to playing classical music. Launched in 1992, it has become one of the most popular classical music radio stations in the world, with millions of listeners tuning in regularly.

The station's programming includes a wide variety of classical music, from the Baroque era to contemporary works, performed by some of the world's most renowned orchestras and musicians. Classic FM also offers regular features and shows that explore different aspects of classical music, including its history, composers, and performers.

One of the station's most popular features is "Hall of Fame", an annual countdown of the top 300 classical music pieces as voted by the station's listeners. The countdown has become a highly anticipated event in the classical music world, with many listeners eagerly voting for their favorite pieces and following the countdown as it progresses.

Classic FM also offers a range of podcasts and online content, including interviews with classical musicians and composers, news and reviews of classical music events, and educational resources for those who want to learn more about classical music.

The station's presenters are known for their passion and expertise in classical music, with many of them being accomplished musicians and musicologists. This adds to the station's credibility and authority in the classical music world, making it a trusted source of information and entertainment for classical music enthusiasts.

Overall, Classic FM offers a rich and diverse listening experience for those who love classical music, with a mix of timeless favorites and lesser-known gems, along with insightful commentary and features that provide deeper insights into the world of classical music.