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Christian Classic Rock is a sub-genre of Christian rock music that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. It is characterized by its use of rock music instruments, such as guitar, bass, and drums, and its incorporation of Christian themes and messages into the lyrics.

Christian Classic is a radio station that exclusively plays Christian Classic Rock music. It features songs from some of the most influential Christian rock bands of the past few decades, including Petra, Whitecross, Stryper, and Resurrection Band. The station plays a mix of classic hits from the genre, as well as newer releases from contemporary artists who continue to carry on the tradition of Christian rock.

Listeners of Christian Classic can expect to hear songs with uplifting and inspiring messages that reflect Christian values and beliefs. The station aims to provide an alternative to mainstream rock music by offering a positive and faith-based listening experience for fans of the genre.

In addition to music, Christian Classic may also feature interviews with artists, discussions about faith and music, and other related content. Overall, the station offers a unique blend of rock music and Christian spirituality that appeals to a wide range of listeners who appreciate the power of music to inspire and uplift the soul.