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The "Islam" genre of radio stations refers to radio stations that focus on programming related to the Islamic religion and culture. These stations are designed to cater to Muslim audiences and provide a platform for them to connect with their faith and community.

Some examples of radio stations that could be considered part of the "Islam" genre include:

Voice of Islam: This is an international Islamic radio station that broadcasts in several languages, including English, Arabic, and Urdu. The station's programming includes lectures, talks, Quran recitation, and Islamic music, with a focus on promoting Islamic values and knowledge.

Radio Islam: This is a South African radio station that broadcasts in English and provides Islamic programming to its listeners. The station's programming includes news, current affairs, and discussions related to Islam and the Muslim community, as well as Quran recitation and religious lectures.

Radio Ummah: This is a UK-based Islamic radio station that broadcasts in English and focuses on providing programming related to Islamic education and spirituality. The station's programming includes Quran recitation, Islamic lectures, and discussions on current issues affecting the Muslim community.

Overall, the "Islam" genre of radio stations provides a valuable platform for Muslim audiences to connect with their faith and community. These stations aim to provide programming that is informative, educational, and spiritually uplifting, and to create a sense of unity among Muslim listeners around the world. The specific content and style of each station will depend on their target audience and programming goals, but all of these stations aim to promote the values and teachings of the Islamic religion.