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"Fitness" is a radio genre that focuses on music that is suitable for working out, exercising, and physical fitness activities. The genre features music with a strong beat and rhythm that can help to motivate and energize listeners during their workouts.

Fitness radio stations typically play a mix of popular upbeat music, such as pop, dance, hip-hop, and electronic, that is known for its high energy and tempo. The music is selected to match the pace of different types of workouts, from cardio and aerobics to weightlifting and yoga.

In addition to playing music, fitness radio stations may also provide workout tips and advice, motivational messages, and information about healthy living and nutrition. Some stations may even offer live fitness classes, where listeners can follow along with instructors and other participants in real-time.

Fitness radio stations are popular with people of all ages and fitness levels who are looking for music that can help them to stay motivated and focused during their workouts. The music and other content provided by these stations can help to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere, inspiring listeners to achieve their fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, fitness radio stations provide a unique and effective way for people to enhance their workouts and improve their physical fitness. With their emphasis on upbeat and energizing music and their focus on healthy living, these stations have become an important part of the fitness community and a popular source of motivation and inspiration for listeners.