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"African" is not a specific genre of radio programming. The continent of Africa is home to a vast array of cultures, languages, and musical traditions, each with their own unique styles and sounds. As such, radio stations that play music from Africa may feature a wide variety of genres, styles, and artists.

In general, African music draws on a range of musical traditions, including indigenous African rhythms and instruments, as well as influences from Arabic, European, and American music. These musical traditions have given rise to a rich and diverse array of styles, including Highlife, Juju, Soukous, Afrobeat, Mbalax, and many more.

Many radio stations that specialize in African music play a mix of both contemporary and traditional music. Contemporary African music often blends elements of traditional music with modern styles such as hip hop, reggae, and electronic music. In addition to music, African radio stations may also feature programming related to news, current events, and cultural issues. This could include interviews with local artists, discussions on topics such as cultural identity and heritage, and commentary on social and political issues facing African communities.

African music radio stations also play an important role in promoting local artists and their music. These stations may host live performances and events, provide exposure to up-and-coming artists, and offer platforms for local musicians to connect with their fans and build their careers.

Overall, radio stations that feature music from Africa offer a rich and diverse selection of music and programming that reflects the unique cultural heritage of the continent. They serve as an important platform for promoting local artists and their music, and provide a vital connection to the vibrant and dynamic music scenes across Africa.