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The genre of "Handsup" on radio stations typically refers to programming that features electronic dance music (EDM) characterized by a high tempo, uplifting melodies, and driving beats. Handsup is often associated with the sub-genre of trance and has become a popular choice for dance parties and clubs.

The programming on Handsup radio stations often includes mixes from some of the world's top Handsup DJs, live performances, and exclusive tracks that are not available elsewhere. These stations may also feature special segments and interviews with prominent Handsup artists, providing listeners with a behind-the-scenes look at the genre.

One of the key features of Handsup radio stations is their ability to provide an uplifting and high-energy listening experience. The music played on these stations is often characterized by soaring melodies, driving basslines, and rapid-fire rhythms that are designed to get people moving and dancing. The hands-in-the-air, euphoric sound of Handsup music makes it perfect for parties and clubs, as well as for listening on headphones while working out or studying.

Another important aspect of Handsup radio stations is their focus on promoting new and emerging talent in the genre. Many of these stations feature up-and-coming Handsup artists who are breaking into the EDM scene, providing listeners with a fresh and exciting listening experience.

Overall, Handsup radio stations provide a thrilling and unique listening experience for fans of electronic dance music. They offer a mix of classic and contemporary tracks, live performances, and exclusive content that cannot be found elsewhere. These stations are a great way to stay connected to the world of Handsup music and discover new and exciting artists in the genre.