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181.FM - Classical Guitar is a radio station based in Waynesboro, Virginia, in the United States of America. The station specializes in playing classical guitar music, making it a must-listen for lovers of this genre of music.

Listeners tuning in to 181.FM - Classical Guitar can expect to hear a wide range of music played on the guitar. The station features music from some of the most renowned classical guitarists from all over the world, including Andrés Segovia, John Williams, Julian Bream, and many others. The music played on the station is sure to captivate and inspire listeners of all ages and musical preferences.

The station's programming is in English, and listeners will be treated to insights and commentary from knowledgeable and experienced radio hosts. The hosts provide interesting and informative discussions on the history and context of the music, as well as insights into the artists and composers whose work is featured on the station.

In addition to the music and discussions, the station also provides updates on current events and news in the classical guitar world. This helps to keep listeners informed on what's happening in the industry, and allows them to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of classical guitar music.

Overall, 181.FM - Classical Guitar is a great radio station for anyone who enjoys listening to the sounds of the guitar. With its diverse range of music, knowledgeable hosts, and informative programming, the station is a great source of entertainment and education for lovers of classical guitar music.
Languages: English

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