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Radio has played an important role in Cuban society for nearly a century, serving as a source of information, entertainment, and political messaging. The Cuban government tightly controls the country's media, including its radio stations, but there are still a variety of stations broadcasting throughout the country.

One of the most prominent stations is Radio Rebelde, which was founded in 1958 by Che Guevara during the Cuban Revolution. Today, it is the official radio station of the Communist Party of Cuba and primarily broadcasts news, commentary, and cultural programming. Its programming is often politically charged and reflects the government's perspective on domestic and international affairs.

Another major station is Radio Reloj, which is known for its unique format of reporting the time every minute. In addition to this distinctive feature, the station also broadcasts news and cultural programming throughout the day.

Radio Havana Cuba is the country's international broadcasting station and is primarily targeted at a foreign audience. It broadcasts news, commentary, and cultural programming in Spanish, English, and a variety of other languages.

In addition to these national stations, there are also numerous local radio stations throughout Cuba. Many of these are operated by the government or affiliated with the Communist Party, but there are also a number of community radio stations that are independent and run by local organizations or individuals.

Despite the variety of stations available, there are limitations on what can be broadcast. The Cuban government tightly controls the content of radio programming, and stations are not allowed to air content that is critical of the government or that promotes ideas that are deemed to be counter to the socialist principles of the Cuban Revolution. As a result, much of the programming on Cuban radio is focused on promoting the government's agenda and reinforcing the values of the Revolution.