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Radio plays an important role in Romanian culture, providing listeners with news, music, and entertainment. The country has a diverse radio landscape, with both public and private radio stations broadcasting in Romanian and other languages.

The public broadcaster in Romania is Radio Romania, which operates several radio stations. Radio Romania Actualitati is a popular station that focuses on news and current affairs programming, while Radio Romania Muzical plays a mix of classical music and other genres. Radio Romania also operates several digital radio stations, including Radio Romania International, which broadcasts in several languages for an international audience.

There are also several private radio stations in Romania, offering a range of programming and formats. Some popular private radio stations include Europa FM, which plays a mix of Romanian and international music and features news and talk shows, and Kiss FM, which focuses on contemporary hits and pop music.

Romanian music is an important part of the radio landscape in Romania, with many stations playing a mix of local and international music. Traditional Romanian music, known as "muzica populara," is particularly popular. Some popular music stations include Magic FM, which features a mix of Romanian and international music from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and Pro FM, which focuses on contemporary hits and dance music.

In addition to music and news programming, many radio stations in Romania offer a range of cultural and educational programming. For example, Radio Romania Cultural features several programs on Romanian literature and art, while Radio Romania Antena Satelor features programs on traditional Romanian agriculture and folklore.

Overall, the diverse radio landscape in Romania provides listeners with a range of programming and formats, catering to a wide range of interests and tastes. From news and current affairs to music and cultural programming, there is a radio station in Romania for every listener.