Armenia Radio Stations

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Radio broadcasting in Armenia began in the 1920s, and today there are over 60 radio stations operating in the country, serving a population of approximately 3 million people.

The most prominent public radio broadcaster in Armenia is the Public Radio of Armenia, which operates two radio channels: Public Radio of Armenia and Radio Armenia 1st Program. Public Radio of Armenia broadcasts a mix of news, current affairs, and cultural programming, while Radio Armenia 1st Program plays a mix of classical and traditional Armenian music, as well as cultural and educational programming.

There are also several commercial radio stations operating in Armenia, including the popular radio stations Lav Radio, Radio Van, and ArmRadio FM. Lav Radio plays a mix of popular Armenian and international music, as well as entertainment programming. Radio Van is known for its news and current affairs programming, as well as a mix of popular music. ArmRadio FM plays a mix of music from the 80s and 90s, as well as news and entertainment programming.

In addition to these mainstream radio stations, there are also several niche and community-based radio stations operating in Armenia. For example, the Armenian Youth Radio is a community radio station run by young people, broadcasting a mix of music, cultural programming, and youth-oriented content. There are also several university-based radio stations, such as the Yerevan State University Radio, which is run by students and broadcasts a mix of music and campus news.

Overall, Armenia's radio landscape is diverse, offering a wide range of programming to cater to the different tastes and interests of its population. Whether it's news and current affairs, popular music, or niche and community-based programming, there is something for everyone on the country's many radio stations.