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Croatia has a vibrant radio industry with a wide range of stations broadcasting across the country. The country's radio industry is regulated by the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM), which is responsible for licensing and ensuring compliance with broadcasting regulations.

One of the most popular radio stations in Croatia is Hrvatski radio (HR), which is the national public radio broadcaster. HR operates four national radio channels: HR1, HR2, HR3, and HR4, as well as regional channels and international channels. HR1 is the flagship station and is known for its news and current affairs programming.

Another popular radio station in Croatia is Radio Dalmacija, which is a commercial station based in Split and broadcasts across the Dalmatian coast. The station is known for its music programming, playing a mix of Croatian and international pop, rock, and dance music.

Narodni radio is another popular commercial radio station in Croatia, which focuses on Croatian pop and folk music. Founded in 2001, Narodni radio has a national reach and is known for its interactive programming, featuring listener requests and dedications.

Antena Zagreb is a popular commercial radio station based in Zagreb, which plays a mix of Croatian and international pop and rock music. The station also features talk shows, news updates, and sports coverage, making it a well-rounded choice for listeners.

Radio Sljeme is a popular radio station based in Zagreb, which focuses on news and current affairs programming. The station is known for its coverage of local and national politics, as well as its coverage of cultural events and sports.

In addition to these major radio stations, there are many other smaller stations broadcasting across Croatia, covering a wide range of genres and topics. Whether you're interested in news and current affairs, music, culture, or sports, there is a radio station in Croatia that is sure to meet your interests.

Overall, Croatia's radio industry is a dynamic and diverse landscape, with a mix of public and commercial stations providing listeners with a range of high-quality programming.