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Tunisia is a country located in North Africa with a diverse radio broadcasting industry that serves both its local and international communities. With over 100 radio stations, Tunisia offers a wide range of programming options to its listeners, including news, music, sports, and cultural programs.

One of the most popular radio stations in Tunisia is Radio Tunis, which is operated by the state-owned Tunisian Radio and Television Establishment. This station broadcasts news, music, and cultural programs in Arabic and French, and is known for its high-quality programming and coverage of local and international events.

Another popular radio station in Tunisia is Jawhara FM, which is based in the city of Sousse and broadcasts music, news, and cultural programs. Jawhara FM is known for its lively programming and is popular among younger listeners in Tunisia.

For listeners who prefer classical music, there is the Radio Culturelle Tunisienne, which broadcasts classical music and cultural programming. This station is operated by the Ministry of Culture and is dedicated to promoting Tunisian culture and heritage.

In addition to these national radio stations, there are also many local and community radio stations in Tunisia that cater to specific interests and regions. For example, Radio Monastir is a local radio station based in the city of Monastir that broadcasts news, music, and cultural programs in Arabic and French. Radio Nefzawa is a community radio station based in the southern region of Tunisia that focuses on local news and events.

Overall, the radio broadcasting industry in Tunisia is diverse and provides a wide range of programming options to listeners across the country. Whether you are interested in news, music, culture, or entertainment, there is likely a radio station in Tunisia that will meet your needs.