Bayern 2 Nord (update 1.11.2020)

Bayern 2 Nord (update 1.11.2020)

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Grenzenlos hören: Bayern 2 | Radio |
Bayern 2 - Grenzenlos hören. Für ein Publikum, das sich für das Warum hinter den Dingen interessiert und Impulse zum Weiterdenken erwartet.
Bayern 2 Nord is a regional radio station of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) broadcasting from Munich, Germany. It is part of the BR's network of regional radio stations, which also includes Bayern 1, Bayern 3, and Bayern Plus. Bayern 2 Nord is dedicated to providing its listeners with a wide range of programming, including news, current affairs, culture, and music.

The station's programming is tailored to the needs of the northern Bavarian region, with a focus on local news and culture. It also features a variety of music, from classical to jazz, folk, and pop. Bayern 2 Nord also broadcasts a variety of talk shows, including interviews with local personalities and experts.

Bayern 2 Nord is available on FM, DAB+, and online. It is also available on the BR's mobile app, which allows listeners to access the station's programming from anywhere in the world.

Bayern 2 Nord is a great choice for anyone looking for a regional radio station that offers a wide range of programming. Whether you're looking for news, culture, or music, Bayern 2 Nord has something for everyone.
Country: Germany
Languages: German

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