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Szene-Radio auf UKW 100,6 in Berlin-Brandenburg und als Livestream. Musikrichtungen: Indie, Alternative, Punk und Elektro. Spezialisiert auf Kreativ- und Musikwirtschaft.
FluxFM is a popular radio station based in Germany that focuses on alternative, indie, and rock music genres. The station has been a staple of the German music scene since its inception, and it is known for playing a diverse range of music that appeals to a wide variety of listeners.

One of the unique features of FluxFM is its commitment to promoting new and emerging artists. The station regularly features up-and-coming musicians and bands, providing them with a platform to showcase their work to a wider audience. This dedication to new music has helped FluxFM establish itself as a key tastemaker in the German music industry, with many music fans turning to the station for the latest in cutting-edge music.

In addition to playing music, FluxFM also features a range of engaging and informative programming. The station regularly airs interviews with musicians and other figures in the music industry, providing listeners with insight into the creative process and the behind-the-scenes workings of the music world. FluxFM also covers a range of cultural topics, from film and art to food and travel, providing listeners with a diverse array of content to enjoy.

FluxFM broadcasts in German, making it a great choice for listeners who are looking to improve their language skills or who simply enjoy listening to music in German. The station's presenters are knowledgeable and passionate about music, and they often provide interesting commentary and context to help listeners appreciate the music even more.

Overall, FluxFM is an essential radio station for anyone who loves alternative, indie, and rock music. With its commitment to new and emerging artists, engaging programming, and knowledgeable presenters, FluxFM is a must-listen for music fans in Germany and beyond.
Country: Germany
Languages: German

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