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1.FM - Samba Rock Radio

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1.FM - Samba Rock Radio is a radio station based in Switzerland that is dedicated to playing the best in samba music with a rock twist. This station is the perfect destination for fans of this unique genre who want to experience the fusion of samba rhythms with rock energy and attitude.

With a focus on English-language programming, 1.FM - Samba Rock Radio brings listeners a carefully curated selection of the greatest samba-rock tunes from across the decades, showcasing the best of this genre that blends samba's vibrant rhythms with rock's raw energy and power. Whether you're a fan of classic samba-rock, samba-punk, or samba-metal, or you're into the more contemporary sounds of samba-rock fusion, this station has something to offer.

So if you're looking to rock out to the infectious rhythms of samba music, tune into 1.FM - Samba Rock Radio and let the music transport you to a world of energetic beats, pounding drums, and blazing guitars. The station is available to listen to 24/7 on AllRadio.Net, making it easy for you to catch your favorite samba-rock tunes whenever you want.

Whether you're a fan of samba-rock music or just looking to discover something new and unconventional, 1.FM - Samba Rock Radio is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a rich and diverse musical experience. So what are you waiting for? Tune in today and experience the magic of samba-rock!
Country: Switzerland
Genres: Samba
Languages: English