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Morning Zu cu Buzdu si Morar, Razvan Popescu, Cristian Paun, Mircea Badea, Raluca Leahu, Adi Mihaila, Emil Ciucur, Cosmin Cojocaru si Raluca Ionescu
Radio ZU! is a popular radio station in Romania that has been entertaining listeners with its unique blend of music, humor, and current affairs since 2008. With a tagline that says "Maxim de distractie", which translates to "Maximum fun", Radio ZU! lives up to its promise by providing its listeners with a variety of content that keeps them engaged and entertained throughout the day.

The station is part of the Intact Media Group, one of the largest media companies in Romania, and has a nationwide reach with its network of frequencies. Radio ZU! broadcasts in Romanian and plays a wide range of music genres, including pop, rock, dance, and hip-hop. The station is known for its high-energy music and for being one of the few Romanian radio stations that features both national and international hits.

Radio ZU! also features a number of popular programs that keep its listeners engaged throughout the day. One of the station's most popular shows is "Morning ZU!", which is hosted by a team of presenters who provide a mix of music, news, and humor to start the day off right. The show is known for its pranks, skits, and celebrity interviews, and is a favorite among listeners of all ages.

Another popular program on Radio ZU! is "ZU Top 40", a weekly countdown of the most popular songs in Romania. The show is hosted by a team of music experts who provide commentary and analysis on the latest trends in the music industry. Other programs on the station include "Happy Hour", "ZU Clubbing", and "ZU Party".

Apart from music, Radio ZU! also covers current affairs, with regular news bulletins and live reports from events happening around Romania. The station has a team of reporters who cover a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, and entertainment, and provide in-depth analysis of the latest news stories.

Radio ZU! has won numerous awards over the years for its innovative programming, including "Best Radio Station" at the Romanian Radio Industry Awards. The station is known for its commitment to engaging its listeners and providing them with content that is both entertaining and informative.

In conclusion, Radio ZU! is a dynamic and engaging radio station that has become a household name in Romania. With its unique blend of music, humor, and current affairs, the station has built a loyal following of listeners who tune in every day to get their dose of "maximum fun".
Country: Romania
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