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Radio Romania Actualitati site oficial
Radio România Actualităţi is the main news radio station in Romania, broadcasting 24 hours a day. Founded in 1928, it is one of the oldest and most respected radio stations in the country. The station's focus is on delivering accurate and up-to-date news, both from Romania and from around the world.

As the flagship radio station of the Romanian public broadcaster, Radio România Actualităţi has a reputation for quality journalism and impartial reporting. Its news team consists of experienced journalists who cover all the important events, from politics and business to culture and sports. The station's news bulletins are broadcast at fixed times throughout the day, with regular updates as events unfold.

In addition to news, Radio România Actualităţi also broadcasts a range of current affairs programs, interviews with experts and public figures, and discussions on topics of interest to the Romanian public. The station also covers major international events, with correspondents in key locations around the world.

The station's programming is entirely in Romanian, reflecting its commitment to serving the Romanian-speaking audience both at home and abroad. Radio România Actualităţi can be heard on FM and AM frequencies throughout Romania, as well as online and through mobile apps.

Over the years, Radio România Actualităţi has won numerous awards for its journalism and programming, including the European Radio Prize and the European Broadcasting Union's Grand Prix for Journalism. The station's reputation as a reliable source of news and information has made it a trusted voice for millions of Romanians.
Country: Romania
Genres: News
Languages: Romanian

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