BG Radio

BG Radio


БГ Радио - Само българска музика!
Радиото, което пуска само българска музика!
BG Radio is a Bulgarian radio station that broadcasts a variety of local music and BG pop music. It is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and broadcasts in Bulgarian. The station has been broadcasting since the early 2000s and has become a popular choice for music lovers in Bulgaria.

BG Radio plays a wide variety of music, from traditional Bulgarian folk music to modern pop and rock. It also features interviews with local artists and news about the music industry in Bulgaria. The station also broadcasts live concerts and other special events.

BG Radio is a great way to stay connected to the music scene in Bulgaria. It is a great way to discover new music and to stay up to date with the latest news and events in the Bulgarian music industry. Whether you are a fan of traditional Bulgarian music or modern pop and rock, BG Radio has something for everyone.
Country: Bulgaria
Languages: Bulgarian
You can listen : Preslava, Galena, Desi Slava, Emilia, Toni Storaro, Krisko, Anelia, Sofi Marinova, Kamelia, Miro, Lidia, Grafa, Tita, Maria, Emanuela, Ani Hoang, Roksana, DJORDAN, Tedi Aleksandrova, Fiki, Kristiana, Adnan Beats, Boni, Boril Iliev, Vessy Boneva, Gery-Nikol, Ivana, Vasil Petrov, Nikolay Slaveev

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