Radio Köln - Dein Karnevalsradio High

Radio Köln - Dein Karnevalsradio High

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Eure Nr. 1 - Radio Köln
Seit 1991 sind wir Euer Lokalradio in Köln. Auf der 107.1 MHz, unserer Radio Köln - App und im Webradio informieren wir Euch über das Wichtigste aus Köln und der Welt. Rund um die Uhr gibt es dazu den besten Mix!
Radio Köln - Dein Karnevalsradio High is a popular radio station in Germany that specializes in playing music related to the Karneval genre. The station is known for its high-quality music and lively programming, which have made it a favorite among listeners of all ages.

The station is located in the city of Cologne, Germany, which is known for its vibrant Karneval celebrations that take place every year. As such, the programming on Radio Köln - Dein Karnevalsradio High is heavily influenced by the local Karneval culture, with a focus on music that is upbeat, cheerful, and perfect for dancing.

The station broadcasts in both German and the local Kölscher Dialekt, which is a regional dialect spoken in Cologne and the surrounding areas. This makes the station particularly appealing to local listeners who want to hear music that speaks to their cultural heritage and traditions.

In addition to playing music, Radio Köln - Dein Karnevalsradio High also features a variety of programming that highlights the local Karneval scene. This includes interviews with local musicians and performers, as well as coverage of major Karneval events in the city.

Overall, Radio Köln - Dein Karnevalsradio High is a must-listen for anyone who loves Karneval music and wants to immerse themselves in the local culture of Cologne. With its lively programming, high-quality music, and focus on local traditions, it is no wonder that the station has become such a beloved institution in the region.
Country: Germany
Genres: Karneval
You can listen : Brings, Paveier, Kasalla, Cat Ballou, Querbeat, Kolibris, Rabaue, Torben Klein, De Boore, Boore, Funky Marys

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