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Republic Broadcasting Network
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The Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) is an American radio network founded in 2006 by John Stadtmiller. It is based in Round Rock, Texas and broadcasts a variety of talk radio programs, including those related to conspiracies, conspiracy theories, survivalism, and other topics. The network is available on satellite, shortwave, and internet radio, and is also available on some terrestrial radio stations.

RBN's programming is primarily focused on topics related to the New World Order, government conspiracies, and other controversial topics. The network also features a variety of talk radio programs, including those hosted by Stadtmiller, as well as other hosts such as Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and Gerald Celente.

RBN is known for its strong support of the Second Amendment and its opposition to gun control. The network also promotes the idea of self-sufficiency and survivalism, and encourages its listeners to be prepared for any potential disaster.

RBN is also known for its support of the Tea Party movement and its opposition to the Obama administration. The network has been criticized for its promotion of conspiracy theories and its support of fringe political groups.
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