VOA Persian TV (Voice)

VOA Persian TV (Voice)

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صدای آمریکا | VOA Farsi

صدای آمریکا، رسانه بین‌المللی ایالات متحده، بازتاب‌دهنده اخبار و سیاست‌های آمریکا و رویداد‌های ایران و جهان به زبان فارسی
VOA Persian TV (Voice) is a radio station based in the United States of America, which specializes in broadcasting news, talk shows, and programs in Persian language. The station is part of the Voice of America network, which is a government-funded international broadcaster that serves as a reliable source of news and information for people around the world.

VOA Persian TV was established with the aim of providing unbiased news and information to the Persian-speaking population of Iran and other parts of the world. The station broadcasts a range of programs covering politics, economics, culture, and social issues, as well as in-depth analysis and interviews with experts and key figures.

The station's news programs cover breaking news, developments in international relations, and regional events, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the news and issues that affect them. Additionally, VOA Persian TV produces talk shows that feature prominent guests from various fields, including politics, economics, and social issues. These shows give listeners the opportunity to hear different perspectives and engage in meaningful discussions about important topics.

One of the key strengths of VOA Persian TV is its commitment to providing accurate and objective news coverage. The station's journalists and reporters follow rigorous journalistic standards, ensuring that the information they provide is reliable and free from bias. This commitment to impartiality has earned the station a reputation for being a credible source of news and information.

VOA Persian TV broadcasts exclusively in Persian language, making it a valuable resource for Persian-speaking listeners around the world. The station's programs are available through a range of platforms, including satellite television, online streaming, and social media, making it easy for listeners to access the station's content.

Overall, VOA Persian TV is a trusted source of news and information for Persian-speaking audiences around the world. Its commitment to objective reporting, comprehensive coverage, and engaging programming has made it a valuable resource for anyone seeking reliable news and information about Iran and the broader Persian-speaking region.
Genres: News, Persian, Talk
Languages: Persian

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