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1000JAZZHITS von laut.fm – Vocal Jazz.

Vocal Jazz.
Vocal Jazz. Mit Michael Franks, Mario Biondi, Matt Dusk und vielen mehr.
Welcome to 1000 Jazz Hits, the premier radio station for the best in pop, rock, and R&B music, broadcasting live from Germany. Our station has a strong commitment to bringing you the finest music from the German-speaking world and beyond.

Our programming is carefully curated to bring you a diverse mix of popular tunes, with a focus on jazz, blues, and soul. From the classic hits of yesterday to the hottest tracks of today, 1000 Jazz Hits has something for everyone. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the genre, or simply love great music, you'll find something to enjoy on our station.

In addition to our music programming, we also offer a variety of other content, including interviews with musicians, live performances, and special events. Our knowledgeable and passionate DJs are dedicated to providing you with the best in entertainment, and they always strive to create a fun and engaging listening experience.

So why wait? Tune into 1000 Jazz Hits today and experience the best in pop, rock, and R&B. With a wide range of musical styles and a commitment to high-quality programming, our station is the perfect choice for anyone who loves great music. So why not join us and start discovering your new favorite songs?
Country: Germany
Genres: Pop, Rock, R&&b
Languages: German