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1000 Hits 60s

Welcome to 1000 Hits 60s, the radio station that brings you back to the golden age of music and transports you to the lounge-filled, carefree days of the 1960s. Based in Germany, 1000 Hits 60s is dedicated to playing the best and most iconic hits from this legendary era, with a focus on lounge music that is sure to soothe your soul and relax your mind.

At 1000 Hits 60s, we believe that the music of the 60s is timeless and still relevant today. From the Beatles and Elvis Presley, to The Supremes and The Beach Boys, every song that we play is a classic in its own right and has been carefully selected to give you a truly authentic and enjoyable experience.

With a focus on German language music, 1000 Hits 60s is the perfect radio station for those who love the culture and the language of Germany. We are dedicated to providing our listeners with the best in lounge music, and to ensuring that every song is a true representation of the sound and style of the 1960s.

Whether you're a fan of Motown, surf rock, or the British Invasion, 1000 Hits 60s has something for everyone. Our expert team of DJs and music specialists are dedicated to ensuring that every song that we play is of the highest quality, and that our listeners are always entertained and engaged.

So why not tune in to 1000 Hits 60s today and experience the magic of the 60s for yourself? Whether you're looking for a relaxing background soundtrack for your day or want to dance the night away to the sounds of the decade, we've got you covered. We look forward to having you as a part of our community of music lovers!
Country: Germany
Genres: Lounge
Languages: German

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