Romántica (Ciudad de México) - 1380 AM - XECO-AM - Radiorama - Ciudad de México

Romántica (Ciudad de México) - 1380 AM - XECO-AM - Radiorama - Ciudad de México

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Romántica (Ciudad de México) - 1380 AM - XECO-AM - Radiorama - Ciudad de México
Romántica is a radio station based in Mexico City, Mexico. The station broadcasts on 1380 AM and is owned by Radiorama, a media company that operates several radio stations across Mexico. The station primarily plays romantic music in Spanish, including ballads, pop classics, and other romantic genres.

Romántica's programming focuses on the music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, with a special emphasis on the "música del recuerdo" or "music of memories" - beloved songs that have stood the test of time and remain popular today. The station is known for its smooth, relaxing sound, which makes it a popular choice for listeners who enjoy romantic music.

The station's lineup includes various programs and hosts. One of the most popular hosts on Romántica is Moi Merino, who has been with the station for many years. Merino is known for his smooth voice and his ability to connect with listeners through his on-air banter and dedication to playing the music that his audience wants to hear.

Romántica is part of the Radiorama network, which operates radio stations in various cities across Mexico. The network's focus is on local programming and serving the needs of the communities it serves. Romántica specifically serves the Valle de México area, which includes Mexico City and its surrounding suburbs.

The station's audience is primarily Spanish-speaking, and the station broadcasts in Spanish exclusively. The music played on Romántica appeals to a wide range of ages and tastes, making it a popular choice for listeners throughout the North American and Latin American regions.

Overall, Romántica is a well-established and well-regarded radio station that has been serving the Mexico City area for many years. Its focus on romantic music in Spanish, combined with its commitment to local programming and community engagement, has made it a favorite of listeners throughout the region.
Country: Mexico
Languages: Spanish
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