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BBC Radio Northampton is a local radio station serving Northamptonshire, England. It is part of the BBC Local Radio network and broadcasts on 95.6 FM and 103.6 FM. The station is owned and operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation and is part of the BBC's East Midlands region.

BBC Radio Northampton provides a mix of local news, information, and entertainment for the people of Northamptonshire. The station's programming includes a range of music from the 1960s to the present day, as well as local news and information. The station also broadcasts a range of special programmes, including interviews with local people, and coverage of local events.

BBC Radio Northampton is committed to providing a service that is relevant to the local community. The station works closely with local organisations and charities to ensure that its programming reflects the needs and interests of the people of Northamptonshire. The station also works with local schools and colleges to provide educational programming and to promote the importance of education in the local area.

BBC Radio Northampton is an important part of the local community and provides a valuable service to the people of Northamptonshire. The station is committed to providing a service that is relevant to the local community and to helping to make Northamptonshire a better place to live.
Languages: English
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