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Punk Rock Radio: 12punks.FM ist Dein Internetradio für Punkrock! Hier läuft 24 Stunden am Tag, sieben Tage die Woche, 365 Tage im Jahr dein Lieblingssound!
12punks.FM is a unique radio station based in Germany that specializes in playing the best of German pop and punk music. The station is dedicated to promoting the diverse range of music and talent that the country has to offer, and does so by showcasing both established and emerging artists.

Listeners tuning in to 12punks.FM can expect to hear a wide variety of music, from classic punk rock hits to the latest tracks from up-and-coming artists. The station features both vocal and instrumental tracks, as well as live performances and interviews with musicians.

One of the key distinguishing features of 12punks.FM is its commitment to supporting German-language music. The station broadcasts exclusively in German, which means that listeners get a truly authentic and immersive experience. This focus on German-language music helps to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the country, and also gives listeners a chance to discover new music that they might not have come across otherwise.

In terms of programming, 12punks.FM offers a range of shows and features that cater to different interests and tastes. There are dedicated shows that focus on specific genres within punk and pop, as well as shows that showcase music from different regions of Germany. The station also features regular interviews with musicians, which give listeners a chance to learn more about the artists behind the music.

Listeners can tune in to 12punks.FM via its website, which also features a range of additional content such as music news, reviews, and features. The station also has a strong social media presence, which helps to keep listeners up to date with the latest news and events in the world of German punk and pop music.

Overall, 12punks.FM is a fantastic radio station for anyone who loves German punk and pop music. With its unique focus on promoting German-language music and supporting emerging artists, the station plays an important role in preserving and promoting the country's musical heritage. Whether you're a die-hard punk fan or just looking to discover some new music, 12punks.FM is definitely worth tuning in to.
Country: Germany
Genres: German pop, Punk
Languages: German
You can listen : Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte, Wizo, Slime, Tocotronic, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Betontod, ZSK, Broilers, Kraftklub, Jennifer Rostock, Madsen, Frittenbude, Ton Steine Scherben, Pascow, Normahl, Knochenfabrik, Turbostaat, Egotronic, Tanzwut, Sluts, Thees Uhlmann, Feuerwasser, Kettcar, Die Kassierer, Chefdenker, Antilopen Gang, Heisskalt, Monsters of Liedermaching, Dritte Wahl, Schmutzki, Pisse, Messer Chups, Blumfeld

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