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Início - Rádio Campanário

A Rádio Campanário emite em 90.6 mhz e tem como objectivo principal a radiodifusão, produção, realização e difusão de programas culturais, recreativos e informativos, pautando-se pelos valores cristãos.
Diário Campánario is a popular radio station based in Portugal that has been providing high-quality broadcasting services since its inception. The station's focus is on local news, Portuguese music, culture, and rock, all of which are presented in the Portuguese language.

The station's primary goal is to provide listeners with up-to-date news and current events in the local area, which they accomplish by providing daily news segments that cover local and national news stories. This includes news about politics, crime, weather, traffic, and sports.

Additionally, Diário Campánario provides a wide variety of musical programming that reflects the diverse cultural heritage of Portugal. Portuguese music is a particular focus, with the station playing a wide range of genres including Fado, traditional folk music, and contemporary pop and rock music. The station also features a range of rock music, ranging from classic rock to more contemporary genres.

In addition to news and music, Diário Campánario offers various cultural programs, including features on local art, history, and cuisine. These programs provide a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Portugal, as well as introducing listeners to local artists, musicians, and chefs.

Diário Campánario has a team of experienced presenters and journalists who are committed to providing engaging, informative, and entertaining programming. The station's on-air personalities are well-known in the local community and have built a loyal following of listeners.

Overall, Diário Campánario is an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest news and events in Portugal, while also enjoying a diverse range of music and cultural programming. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to the area, this radio station is sure to provide you with an entertaining and informative experience.
Country: Portugal
Languages: Portuguese

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