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Radio Topo - Radio Libre - Zaragoza - 101.8FM - Desde 1993
Radio Libre Zaragoza
Radio Libre - Zaragoza - 101.8FM - Desde 1993
Radio Topo is a community radio station located in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. The station has been broadcasting since 1987 and has become a staple of the local community. Radio Topo operates on the FM frequency of 101.8 MHz and streams live online through its website.

The station is run by a team of volunteers who are passionate about providing an alternative to mainstream media. Radio Topo prides itself on its commitment to promoting social justice, cultural diversity, and grassroots activism. The station aims to give voice to marginalized groups and individuals who are often excluded from the mainstream media.

Radio Topo broadcasts a diverse range of programming in the Spanish language. The station features a variety of music shows that cover genres such as rock, punk, hip-hop, and electronic music. Additionally, the station broadcasts programs focused on local and international news, social issues, and culture. The station also provides a platform for independent and emerging artists to showcase their work.

One of the unique aspects of Radio Topo is its commitment to community involvement. The station regularly collaborates with local organizations and activists to promote their events and causes. Radio Topo also provides training and resources for individuals who are interested in becoming involved in community radio.

Overall, Radio Topo is a valuable asset to the community of Zaragoza and beyond. The station's dedication to promoting social justice and cultural diversity through its programming and community involvement make it a vital resource for people seeking an alternative to mainstream media.
Country: Spain
Languages: Spanish

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