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About us The Vision Australia Radio service in Melbourne (also known as 3RPH) has been operating since 1982 to provide access to information and inclusion for the local blind, low vision and print disabled communities. You can listen to Vision Australia Radio in Melbourne on 1179AM and on DAB+ digital radio via the VA Radio and IRIS channels.
3RPH 1179 AM is a talk radio station located in Australia that caters to the needs of the visually impaired, print handicapped, and elderly individuals. The station was founded in 1978 and has since been providing valuable information, entertainment, and news to its listeners. The station broadcasts in the Australian language and can be accessed both online and on terrestrial radio.

As a radio station dedicated to serving the visually impaired and print handicapped, 3RPH 1179 AM uses a combination of text-to-speech software and trained volunteers to read out newspapers, magazines, books, and other printed materials. This helps the station's listeners keep up to date with the latest news, current affairs, and trends.

The station also features a range of talk programs covering a variety of topics including health, lifestyle, sports, politics, and technology. The programs are designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of the station's listeners. The station also features interviews with experts and specialists in various fields, giving listeners access to valuable information and insights.

In addition to its talk programs, 3RPH 1179 AM also broadcasts a range of music shows featuring a variety of genres including jazz, classical, and contemporary music. These shows are designed to provide entertainment and relaxation to the station's listeners.

The station's programming is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about serving the community. These volunteers work tirelessly to produce quality content and provide support to the station's listeners.

Overall, 3RPH 1179 AM is an important and valuable radio station in Australia that serves the needs of the visually impaired, print handicapped, and elderly individuals. Its commitment to providing quality programming and support to its listeners has earned it a loyal following and a reputation as a valuable resource for the community.
Country: Australia
Genres: Talk
Languages: Australian

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