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Tsumugi is a radio station based in France that specializes in playing music from various anime, Jpop, rock, soundtrack, and video game genres. With its focus on these diverse genres, Tsumugi has become a popular radio station among anime fans and music lovers alike.

Tsumugi is a French language radio station, catering to French-speaking audiences in France and around the world. The station's programming is carefully curated to provide a listening experience that appeals to a wide range of audiences with a shared passion for Japanese culture and music.

Listeners tuning in to Tsumugi can expect to hear a mix of classic and contemporary anime theme songs, as well as Jpop tracks from some of the biggest names in Japanese music. The station also plays rock music from popular Japanese bands, as well as soundtracks from some of the most iconic anime, video games, and movies.

One of the unique features of Tsumugi is its dedication to playing music from video games. The station recognizes the growing popularity of video game music as an art form, and features some of the most memorable and captivating tracks from popular video games.

In addition to its diverse range of music, Tsumugi also features programs and segments that keep listeners engaged and entertained. From anime and gaming news to interviews with artists and musicians, the station offers a variety of content that caters to the interests of its listeners.

Overall, Tsumugi is a must-listen radio station for anyone who loves anime, Jpop, rock, soundtrack, and video game music. With its carefully curated programming, diverse range of genres, and entertaining content, Tsumugi has become a go-to destination for fans of Japanese culture and music in France and beyond.
Country: France
Languages: French

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