105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone)

105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone)

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105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone)

Welcome to the page dedicated to 105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone), a radio station based in the United Kingdom. This station broadcasts to the local community in Folkestone, a charming coastal town located in the southeast of England, and is part of the AllRadio.Net network.

105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone) is a community-focused radio station that aims to bring the best music and entertainment to its listeners. With its diverse programming and lively presenters, the station offers a unique and dynamic listening experience to its audience. The station's playlist features a mix of popular hits and classic tracks, with a focus on showcasing local talent and supporting the local music scene.

In addition to its musical programming, 105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone) also offers a wide range of news, sports, and weather updates, as well as talk shows that cover topics of local and national interest. The station's team of knowledgeable and engaging presenters keep listeners informed and entertained with their insightful commentary and engaging personalities.

As a community-focused radio station, 105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone) places a strong emphasis on local engagement and interaction. The station invites its listeners to get involved in its programming through live call-ins and social media, making it a true community hub for the local area.

Tune in to 105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone) and experience the best in local radio. With its engaging programming and commitment to the local community, this radio station is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fresh and exciting listening experience.
Languages: English

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