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FM 104.500 MHz e 104.700 MHz - Radio Sanluchino dal 1978 accompagna Bologna nel mondo con lo sguardo attento al presente, al revival e a tanta musica della tradizione della nostra bellissima terra.
Radio San Luchino is a popular radio station based in Italy that has been providing high-quality programming to its listeners for many years. The station is known for its diverse range of content, which includes music, news, and talk shows, all of which are broadcast in Italian.

One of the defining features of Radio San Luchino is its commitment to providing listeners with a wide range of musical genres. From classic Italian music to the latest pop hits, the station ensures that there is always something for everyone. This approach has made Radio San Luchino a favorite among music lovers throughout Italy, and its DJs are known for their deep knowledge of music and their ability to keep audiences engaged.

In addition to its musical programming, Radio San Luchino also provides its listeners with a wealth of news and information. The station covers local and national news, as well as international news from around the world. Whether listeners are interested in politics, business, or culture, they can stay informed by tuning in to Radio San Luchino.

The talk shows on Radio San Luchino are also very popular among listeners. The station regularly invites guests from a range of fields to discuss current events and topics of interest. These shows cover everything from sports and entertainment to science and technology, and the hosts are known for their engaging and insightful discussions.

Overall, Radio San Luchino is a fantastic radio station that offers a diverse range of programming to its listeners. With its commitment to high-quality content and its expert DJs and hosts, the station has become a beloved part of the Italian media landscape.
Country: Italy
Genres: Musica, News, Talk
Languages: Italian
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