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RADIO DIO | libre, sauvage et impertinente – 89.5 FM Saint Etienne
Libre, sauvage et impertinente
Radio Dio is a popular radio station based in Saint-Etienne, a city located in the Loire region of France. Broadcasting at 89.5 FM, it is known for its alternative and multicultural programming that caters to a diverse range of listeners. The station was founded in 1981 and has since become a significant cultural institution in the Saint-Etienne community.

One of the defining features of Radio Dio is its commitment to promoting local music and news. The station plays a wide range of music genres, including rock, punk, rumba, and ferarock, but also devotes airtime to emerging local artists who may not have the opportunity to be featured on commercial radio stations. In addition, Radio Dio is dedicated to keeping its listeners informed about local news and events, providing a valuable source of information for Saint-Etienne and surrounding areas.

Another important aspect of Radio Dio's programming is its feminist and multicultural focus. The station is committed to promoting diversity and social justice, and it regularly features programming related to feminist issues, social activism, and cultural diversity. It also broadcasts in multiple languages, including French, Occitan, Portuguese, and Tamazight, reflecting the diversity of the Saint-Etienne community.

As a local radio station, Radio Dio has become an integral part of the Saint-Etienne community. It is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about music, culture, and social change. The station often collaborates with local organizations, artists, and activists to promote events and causes that are important to the community. As a result, Radio Dio has become a hub of cultural and social activity in Saint-Etienne, providing a platform for local voices to be heard and celebrated.

Overall, Radio Dio is a unique and important radio station that has made a significant impact on the Saint-Etienne community. Its commitment to promoting local music and news, social justice, and cultural diversity has made it a vital cultural institution and a cherished part of the local community.
Country: France
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