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BBC Radio Cymru is the Welsh-language radio station of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It broadcasts throughout Wales on FM, DAB digital radio, Freeview, satellite, and online. The station began broadcasting in 1977 and is the national broadcaster for Wales in the Welsh language.

BBC Radio Cymru provides a mix of music, news, sport, and entertainment. It plays a variety of Welsh-language music, including traditional folk music, contemporary Welsh-language pop, and classical music. It also broadcasts news and current affairs programmes, as well as sports coverage.

BBC Radio Cymru is committed to promoting the Welsh language and culture. It works with local communities to promote Welsh-language events and activities, and it also produces a range of Welsh-language learning materials.

BBC Radio Cymru is available on FM, DAB digital radio, Freeview, satellite, and online. It is also available on the BBC iPlayer Radio app.
Languages: Welsh

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