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Arraio Irratia 99.3 FM – Zarauzko Irrati Askea Putzuzulo Gaztetxetik
Arraio Irratia is a Basque-language radio station based in Bilbao, Spain. It is a non-profit, independent station that broadcasts a variety of cultural and musical programming. The station was founded in 1995 and has been broadcasting ever since.

Arraio Irratia's programming is focused on Basque culture and music, with a variety of genres including folk, rock, jazz, and classical. The station also features news, interviews, and talk shows. It is committed to promoting Basque culture and language, and to providing a platform for independent and alternative music.

Arraio Irratia is available online and on FM radio in the Basque Country. It is also available on satellite and cable TV. The station is run by volunteers and is funded by donations and sponsorships. It is a member of the European Broadcasting Union and the Basque Radio and Television Association.

Arraio Irratia is a great resource for anyone interested in Basque culture and music. It is a unique station that provides a platform for independent and alternative music, and promotes Basque culture and language. Tune in to Arraio Irratia and discover the sounds of the Basque Country!
Country: Spain
Genres: Culture, Music
Languages: Basque
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