Rádio Vinha FM 91,9

Rádio Vinha FM 91,9

Listen Rádio Vinha FM 91,9 - Goiânia - GO - Brasil

Vinha FM

Rádio Vinha FM 91,9 is a radio station based in Brazil that specializes in broadcasting gospel music. The station is dedicated to spreading the word of God and providing listeners with uplifting and inspiring content.

As a gospel station, Rádio Vinha FM 91,9 plays a variety of genres within the gospel music category, including contemporary, traditional, and praise & worship music. The station features both national and international artists, giving listeners a diverse selection of music to enjoy.

The station broadcasts exclusively in Brazilian Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. This ensures that the content is accessible and understandable to the majority of the station's listeners.

In addition to music, Rádio Vinha FM 91,9 also features programs focused on spiritual growth, such as sermons and teachings from local pastors and religious leaders. These programs are designed to provide listeners with guidance and inspiration as they navigate their spiritual journeys.

Rádio Vinha FM 91,9 is committed to providing a family-friendly listening experience. The station is free from offensive or inappropriate content and promotes positive values and messages.

Overall, Rádio Vinha FM 91,9 is a trusted source of gospel music and spiritual guidance for listeners in Brazil. Its commitment to providing uplifting and inspiring content has made it a beloved part of the country's radio landscape.
Country: Brazil
Genres: Gospel
You can listen : Aline Barros, Fernandinho, Diante do Trono, Anderson Freire, Cassiane, Gabriela Rocha, Bruna Karla, Kemuel, Gustavo Mioto, Luma Elpidio, Isadora Pompeo, Eli Soares, Thalles Roberto, Priscilla Alcantara, Sarah Farias, Ton Carfi, Julia Vitória, Fernanda Brum, Adhemar De Campos, Marine Friesen, Asaph Borba, Coral Kemuel, Regis Danese, Nivea Soares, Coral Resgate, Eyshila, Amanda Wanessa, Gabriela Gomes

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