À Punt Ràdio

À Punt Ràdio

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À Punt Ràdio is a public radio station based in Valencia, Spain. It is owned and operated by the Generalitat Valenciana, the regional government of the Valencian Community. The station broadcasts in both Catalan and Spanish, and its programming focuses on cultural, news, and alarm test content.

À Punt Ràdio was launched in 2017 and is the first public radio station in the Valencian Community. It is available on FM, DAB, and online, and its programming is also available on the station's website and mobile app. The station's programming includes news, current affairs, culture, music, and sports. It also broadcasts a variety of special programs, including interviews, debates, and documentaries.

À Punt Ràdio is committed to providing quality programming that is accessible to all. It is dedicated to promoting the Valencian language and culture, and to providing a platform for the region's diverse voices. The station also works to promote the region's cultural heritage and to foster a sense of community among its listeners.
Country: Spain
Languages: Catalan, Spanish

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