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France Info is a French radio station that is dedicated to providing up-to-date news and information to its listeners. Founded in 1987, the station is owned and operated by Radio France, the public radio broadcaster of France.

The station's format is centered around the 24-hour news cycle, with a heavy emphasis on breaking news, current events, and analysis. France Info's team of journalists and correspondents work around the clock to cover both national and international news, as well as politics, economics, culture, sports, and more. The station's programming also includes regular features on science and technology, health and wellness, and the environment.

France Info is a free-to-air station that is available on FM radio across the country, as well as online through its website and mobile app. The station also produces a range of podcasts and video content that are available on-demand.

In addition to its focus on news and information, France Info is also committed to promoting the French language and culture. The station regularly features interviews with French artists, musicians, and writers, and covers major cultural events taking place in France and around the world.

Overall, France Info is a respected and trusted source of news and information in France. Its commitment to providing reliable and unbiased reporting has helped it to build a loyal audience of listeners who turn to the station for the latest news and analysis.
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