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Radiostationen RETRO-RADIO
Retro-Radio is a popular radio station that is based in Denmark and primarily focuses on playing the best pop music from the past few decades. The station has gained a loyal following of listeners who appreciate the wide variety of classic pop hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s that are played on a regular basis.

One of the unique features of Retro-Radio is its dedication to playing songs that may have been forgotten or overlooked by other radio stations. The station's playlist includes not only the biggest chart-toppers of the past but also lesser-known tracks that still hold a special place in the hearts of music lovers.

In addition to its diverse selection of music, Retro-Radio is known for its entertaining and engaging programming. The station's DJs are knowledgeable about the pop music of the past and often provide interesting insights and background information on the songs they play.

Listeners can tune in to Retro-Radio on FM radio or online, making it easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The station also has a mobile app, which allows listeners to stream their favorite pop hits on the go.

Overall, Retro-Radio is a beloved radio station in Denmark that has captured the hearts of pop music enthusiasts with its commitment to playing the best classic hits from the past. With its engaging programming and diverse selection of music, it is no wonder why Retro-Radio has become a staple of the Danish radio scene.
Country: Denmark
Genres: Pop
You can listen : ABBA, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Prince, Bee Gees, David Bowie, Gloria Gaynor, Queen, Duran Duran, Phil Collins, The Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder, Cher, Tina Turner, Bonnie Tyler, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, A-ha, Roxette, Culture Club, Blondie, Donna Summer, Earth, Wind && Fire, Diana Ross, Michael Bolton, Foreigner, John Farnham, Céline Dion, Sade, Toto, Christopher Cross