Radio Cañón (Chilpancingo) - 105.1 FM - XHEZUM-FM - Radio Cañón / NTR Medios de Comunicación - Chilpancingo, GR

Radio Cañón (Chilpancingo) - 105.1 FM - XHEZUM-FM - Radio Cañón / NTR Medios de Comunicación - Chilpancingo, GR

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XHEZUM – RADIO CAÑÓN 105.1 FM | Radio Cañón
Radio Cañón is a popular radio station based in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico. The station broadcasts on the frequency of 105.1 FM and its callsign is XHEZUM-FM. It is a part of Grupo Radio Cañón, which is one of the leading radio groups in Mexico. The station is also a part of NTR Medios de Comunicación, a media conglomerate that operates various TV and radio stations across Mexico.

Radio Cañón is a station that offers a wide range of programming, catering to the diverse interests of its listeners. It offers a mix of music, news, and entertainment programs, with a focus on popular music genres such as pop, Latino, and pop en español. The station also offers a variety of talk shows covering topics such as politics, culture, and sports.

One of the standout programs on Radio Cañón is the "Informativo NTR," a news program that covers the latest news and events from Chilpancingo, Guerrero, and the rest of Mexico. The program offers in-depth analysis and commentary on the day's top stories, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the issues that matter to them.

In addition to its news programming, Radio Cañón also offers a variety of entertainment shows. These include programs such as "ABC Radio," which features interviews with celebrities and personalities from the world of entertainment, as well as "Estación Star Radio," a program that plays the latest hits in pop music.

Overall, Radio Cañón is a vibrant and dynamic radio station that provides listeners with a diverse range of programming. Its commitment to high-quality news coverage and entertaining content has made it a popular choice for listeners in Chilpancingo and throughout the region. With its strong presence in the community and dedication to providing top-notch programming, Radio Cañón is sure to continue to be a leading radio station in Mexico for years to come.
Country: Mexico
Languages: Spanish

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