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HEERDE - Vrijdag 25 november, heeft wethouder van Ommen de Orange the World vlag in de gemeente Heerde gehesen. Hiermee ondersteunt de gemeente de campagne die zich hard maakt om geweld tegen vrouw en meisjes de wereld uit te krijgen.
Radio 794 is a local radio station based in the Netherlands, broadcasting in the Dutch language. The station is known for its commitment to providing quality programming to its listeners, and has built a loyal following among locals in the region.

The station's name, "Radio 794," comes from the frequency on which it broadcasts - 794 kHz. The station can be heard across a wide area, including the municipalities of Heerde, Hattem, Epe, and surrounding areas.

Radio 794 offers a diverse range of programming to suit a variety of tastes and interests. The station plays a mix of music, including popular Dutch hits, classic rock, and contemporary pop. In addition to music, the station also features a variety of talk shows, interviews, and local news and information.

One of the unique features of Radio 794 is its commitment to promoting local artists and musicians. The station regularly showcases new and emerging talent from the region, providing a platform for them to gain exposure and reach new audiences.

Listeners can tune in to Radio 794 on their radio sets, or stream the station live online. The station also maintains an active social media presence, with regular updates and interactions with listeners.

Overall, Radio 794 is a beloved local radio station that has earned a reputation for its quality programming, commitment to promoting local talent, and dedication to serving the needs and interests of its listeners.
Genres: Local radio
Languages: Dutch
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