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NDR Schlager - Im Norden zuhaus | NDR.de - NDR Schlager

Das norddeutsche Schlagerradio spielt deutsche und internationale Schlager aus mehr als 50 Jahren Schlager-Geschichte.
NDR Plus is a radio station based in Germany that specializes in the genre of Schlager music. This radio station is dedicated to broadcasting the most popular and beloved German Schlager songs of all time, from classic hits to modern chart-toppers. Schlager is a type of music that is typically characterized by its upbeat rhythms, catchy melodies, and heartfelt lyrics.

NDR Plus is a great choice for anyone who loves Schlager music, whether they are native German speakers or simply enjoy listening to the language. The station primarily broadcasts in German, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the language and culture while enjoying the catchy beats of their favorite songs.

In addition to playing popular Schlager hits, NDR Plus also offers a range of programming that is designed to inform and entertain listeners. This includes news, weather updates, and interviews with Schlager stars and other celebrities. The station also features live performances and concerts from some of the biggest names in Schlager music.

One of the unique features of NDR Plus is its commitment to providing high-quality programming that is tailored to the interests and tastes of its listeners. The station takes great care to ensure that its content is both engaging and informative, with a focus on providing an enjoyable listening experience for Schlager fans of all ages.

Overall, NDR Plus is a great choice for anyone who loves Schlager music and wants to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Germany. With its wide range of programming, high-quality content, and commitment to providing an enjoyable listening experience, it is no wonder that NDR Plus is one of the most popular radio stations in Germany.
Country: Germany
Genres: Schlager
Languages: German
You can listen : Andrea Berg, Helene Fischer, Roland Kaiser, Howard Carpendale, Nino de Angelo, Semino Rossi, Michel'le, G.G. Anderson, Florian Silbereisen, Ireen Sheer, Bernhard Brink, Wolfgang Petry, Peter Maffay, Costa Cordalis, Vicky Leandros, Karel Gott, Heino, Andy Borg, Tony Marshall, Drafi Deutscher, Die Flippers, Juliane Werding, Chris Roberts, Marianne Rosenberg, Hansi Hinterseer, Gus Backus, Freddy Quinn, Peter Kraus, Nana Mouskouri, Caterina Valente, Gitte Hænning, Siw Malmkvist, Chris Andrews, Udo Jürgens

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